Booking Terms

Weather Conditions
Waiatoto River Safari operates in Southwest New Zealand, an area that can receive high rain fall. Most scheduled departures take place unless weather conditions are extreme.

Waiatoto River Safari owners reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule our safari if weather, road, river flow or any other conditions that could affect client or company safety.

It is important to note that we only cancel our trips in extreme weather conditions, as we have a large windscreen and a removable roof which protects clients from the rain. There is still a lot to see on our safari in the rain, including many more beautiful waterfalls.

Cancellations or amendments must be advised 24 hours prior to the departure time. Cancellations within 24 hours of departure will be charged 100% of the total price.

The tour duration is 2.25 hours, allow 3 hours.

Check in times
Clients are requested to re-confirm there tour 24 hours prior to departure. Please note that there is no cell phones coverage between Fox Glacier and Makarora.

Clients are to CHECK IN, 30 minutes prior to departure, at Waiatoto River Safari Office, 19 KM from Haast Junction on Jackson Bay Road, Hannahs Clearing, Haast. Once clients have checked in, you are required to take the short 8 KM drive to the Waiatoto River Bridge.

Risk Information
Jet boating on the Waiatoto River, Arawhata River or Landsborough/Clarke/Burke Rivers is characterised by: remoteness, rapidly changing weather and water conditions. Your guide will provide you with a pre-trip safety briefing, instructions and ongoing safety management.

Clients must follow the guide's instructions and adhere to all safety requirements.
Jet boating and associated activities have inherent risks and can be dangerous.


Privacy Policy
Waiatoto River Safari does not share any client information to any third parties.